About Us

I was inspired to create B.O.S for my daughter Jadelyn, she was only 14 at the time.  We would go to the mall and just hangout, but she would become so frustrated from the crowds and did not like the pressures from the salespersons.  She would say, "I just want to get my shoes and my bags, and leave. Shopping online is the way to go Dad" A year later(2015), Bags of Shoes was founded and Jadelyn's closet is full of bags of shoes. She loves her kicks. We expanded our selection since then, but the name just kinda stuck with us.

What We Care About

  • Fashion is our passion because fashion is your passion. Our buyers monitor the runways, while watching celebrity and magazine fashion trends, year-round in order to offer fresh and feminine collections to our customers.
  • You are beautiful. We want to flatter your beauty and your curves (while downplaying those little flaws we all have). We give all of our attention to the quality, fit, fabric, design and construction, and overall styling of our fashion items.



Welcome to Bags of Shoes

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